Vandals in Paris


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Vandals in Paris

In the fall of 2019, Paris' walls were covered with graffiti, faces, abstract shapes and slogans. The city of lights formed an open-air art gallery. Franco-American journalist Antoine Flandrin and German photographer Thomas Von Wittich decided to capture this moment of effervescence. Throughout 2020 and 2021, they followed about fifty urban artists in the streets of Paris. The result of this work is Vandals in Paris, a book of interviews in French and English illustrated with black and white action photos that show a diversity of approaches, backgrounds and styles. This journey through the streets of Paris features Feito, Dérape, Lady.K, Dystur, Skame, Sun7, Retro, Seth, Mglo, La Fleuj, Nargue, Stesi, Lek, Katre, Ox, Madame, Slice, Druide, Dize, Funco, 3DT/CKT, Keag&Sore, Frez, K7,  Kraken, Ecilop, Toile, Puls, Skeo, Staze, Ikarus, Oscoruru, Joz, Levalet, Vermibus, Nake, Pö, TS-HO, Douceur Xtreme, Jore, Amef, Rez1.


336 Pages | 23 x 31 cm. | Hardcover | Smyth Sewn Binding | 2.2 kg

Text Language: English / French

ISBN 978-619-7267-06-8

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