270,00 €*

Produktnummer: colab11177
Fine art-print on 300 gsm KOH-I-NOOR
60 x 80 cm
limited edition of 10
signed and numbered by the artist
artwork will be shipped in a tube

Künstler*innen "Mike"

"I believe that graffiti it's something that you can't hold. It is about the movement, the act and the purity of the purpose behind it.

It’s always been humbling to have my greatest works washed away into a puddle just hours later.

I don’t do it for the actual possession or longevity of the finished work.  it's to be a part of the movement, which is pretty much the heartbeat of the city. It’s a magical moment created for those with the eyes to see it. To do graffiti is to be free. To have a piece of it should have a piece of all the commotion that makes it magical to me."

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